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MindJitsu: Inside the Mind of Jiu Jitsu Genius Mikey Musumeci

Inside the mind of 20-year-old, 7x world champion Mikey Musumeci https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=1OXnki23ROo Mikey discusses how frequently he trained as a young child; The value of having a sibling grappler; And the age at which he first showed flashes of being a world champ


No. 1 Wrestler Overcomes Huge Deficit, Scores Epic Comeback

Plenty of motivation packed in this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LDgjs5ULFI&feature=youtu.be Nothing ILLUMINATES CHARACTER more than how ferociously you fight when you’re the nail, not the hammer. The No. 1 ranked wrestler in the nation was getting hammered 9-0 — a daunting deficit — yet storms back in ONE OF THE MORE EPIC COMEBACKS you’ll see in the…

16 Quotes About (Arguably) The World’s Mentally Toughest Athlete

Dominick Cruz Survived 3 ACL Surgeries, Four Years of Inactivity, Yet Shocked the World By Winning Another UFC Title Introducing the Mindset and Inner Dialogue that fueled one of the most improbable Comebacks in sports history By @frankcurreri (facebook: mindjitsu; instagram: mindjitsu_mindset) Over the years I have interviewed UFC champion Dominick Cruz many times for…